IADC and Chopin’s 195th Birthday

Originally posted March 1, 2010 at Gaia.com

Five years ago today:

Sometime after midnight, very early on March 1, 2005, Hania’s husband was looking through his collection of jazz CDs.  He came upon a CD of Chopin piano music, with the composer’s picture on the cover.  It had never been kept with the jazz CDs—he organizes his collection meticulously—and in fact he had never seen it before and was sure he had not been the one who bought it.  Hania was not the owner either, and was equally mystified.  It’s possible, probable, that one of their daughters had bought the CD, but both of them were away at college at the time, and were not around to misfile it in the jazz section.

It was, of course, Chopin’s birthday.  And that evening Hania and I were scheduled to try and have a visit with him again.

Hania had mentioned to me a couple of times that she was looking forward to seeing Chopin again, because she had come to think of him as a friend.  She said this again right before we began the session.  Always remember to be careful what you wish for….

This session was long, confusing, and beyond the scope of what I can write here.  Fryderyk did show up, but he appeared almost exclusively to Hania.  I was barely aware of him at all, but I could certainly see the overwhelming effect that he was having on her.  She described it as like “being choked by love.”  It wasn’t that the feeling was negative, just that it was so intense that she found it hard to handle.  (I don’t really mind that sort of thing myself, as long as I can trust the source.)  I’m not going to go into further detail, because the content of the session was so personal to Hania.

After long analysis, what seemed most important to me was that Fryderyk had clearly operated independently of me.  He was most decidedly not inside my head, nor did he appear to depend on me in order to manifest himself on the Earth plane.  He had his own agenda.  Just in case I, or anyone else, still questioned that.

One has to wonder what sort of effort it would take for a nonphysical being to move a CD from one place to another (if that is indeed what happened).  It sounds like heavy lifting to me.  But these things do happen quite commonly.


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