Interview with Betsy Morgan Coffman, Part II

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One of the most interesting parts of this conversation, to me, was the matter of Betsy’s falling down the stairs in her house while putting out food for her cat, which left her with a fractured hip.  Betsy was certain that this was not caused by her own clumsiness, and after experiencing the atmosphere around that stairway, I was more than ready to believe her.

E:  Now, sometimes people will find themselves in contact with beings that seem just great.  They get healings from them, they have all kinds of wonderful things happen, and yet it turns out that those beings are not what they purported to be.  They’re caught in a lie at some point.  I just wonder if you have any comment.

B:  A little, for whatever it’s worth.  The people that I have met and associated with, we are all so concerned about being authentic and coming from our integrity that we almost go overboard to make sure that what we’re saying is the truth.  We take immense responsibility for communicating from love accurately, with compassion and non-judgment.

Now, I have seen other people do that.  My interpretation is that their ego is a little bit bigger than their ability, and so they’re enjoying swimming in this ego, like putting on a shoe that’s too big, but the shoe is so beautiful they don’t want to take it off.  And they get compliments on it, and then they identify with the shoe, thinking they are the gift, and they don’t want to give up that identity, rather than recognizing that nothing in the world makes us better, we are already perfect.  Nothing in the world makes us smaller, we’re already whole.  So I just try to steer clear of people like that or readers like that, and give people a heads up to try to go to someone who you’ve gotten a good recommendation for, or to trust your own senses.  If you start to feel, “This doesn’t feel good,” then it’s not good, and you should leave.

Be really careful what you ask for.  When my son, Gannon, was six years old, or seven—he also is gifted and very interested in star beings—he has more gifts than he’s interested in having, actually, so he hasn’t developed them.  They’ve been too frightening.  Like, when he’s asleep at night, blankets get pulled off, or he’ll hear the ocean and the sound of universes rumbling and exploding in his head, and he’s gone into objects and seen what they’re like from the inside and out.  Anyway, when he was six or seven he wanted to have an off-planet being, a little boy off-planet being, as a buddy.  So we prayed, we got down on our knees together, and we invited in an off-planet being that would be around seven years old and that would like to have an earth being for a friend.  And he went to bed that night in his room; he had a bunk bed and he slept on the top.  And I went to bed in my room.  It was a small apartment.  My daughter, who was a year younger, five or six, slept with me.  In the middle of the night I woke up with a start, like mothers often do, knowing I had to get into my son’s room immediately, and I walked through the apartment in the dark.  I went to his room and I stood there with my hand on the light switch, looking around.  I didn’t want to turn on the light and scare him, but I could feel I needed to be there.  And something felt disconcerting and alive, and I thought, “I need to stay here.”  And I didn’t want to wake him up, so again, I didn’t turn on the light, I just lay down on the bottom bunk as quietly as I could.  And I stayed awake for ten or fifteen minutes and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up again, and my son was shaking me, and he said, “Mom, thank you so much for coming in my room.  I was scared to death.  I was praying you’d flip that light switch on.  I could see your hand on the light switch.”  He said, “They came, they came!  A daddy and a young boy, and they wanted me to go with them, and they wanted to take me, and I was scared to go, and I was scared to stay, and I didn’t know what I was going to do, and at that moment you appeared at the doorway.  And they stopped, and they stared at you and you stared at them, and then when you wouldn’t leave they went out the window.  I don’t want that to happen to me again, Mom.”

And we found a hair that looked like it might have come off the body on the floor, and he pictured what they looked like.  And we got down on our knees, and we prayed to them and told them never to come back again, he wasn’t ready.  And so we released them, cleansed them, and they never came back.

Amazing, huh?

E:  Awfully, awfully amazing.  I don’t even begin to know what to make of that.  It raises so many questions.  I definitely understand the “be careful what you wish for” part, and “be careful what you open yourself to.”

B:  It seems like the clearer you are, the more light you have, the more you can bring in.  So Gannon has immense light.  He is the most Christed being I’ve ever met, and I’m honored that he came through me.  I can’t claim anything to that, because kids choose their own parents, but I feel that I’m fairly light.  He and I got down together and asked for something, not knowing who we are, or the power that could happen.

E:  He got exactly what he asked for, but it wasn’t what he really wanted.

My daughter had an invisible dog for a while.  She didn’t ask for it, but we’d be out walking, and she’d say, “I keep feeling like there’s a dog following me.”  There was nothing adverse about it; it was just like there was an invisible dog walking with us.  I would bend down and try to find where it was, and I could feel something there, not anything very strong, but I could definitely believe that there was a dog.  She didn’t see it; she just had a real strong sense of a dog being there, and she could describe it.

B:  Amazing.

E:  But she doesn’t do anything like that otherwise.  Maybe at some point she will.

I guess in a lot of ways the question is answered, but I wanted to ask you about the demon attack that I experienced.

B:  My experience is that there is such a thing.  I don’t like even… but for us, I’ll talk about it.  Yes, I know what you mean, it’s horrible, it’s hard to get rid of them.  I don’t do house clearings, but a girlfriend of mine, a gal I taught—some of her gifts she was born with, her name is Melissa—she likes to do house cleanings and she likes mediumship and she likes to investigate the paranormal, very much like what they do on TV, like investigating deaths and murders and stuff that I would never, ever have any interest in doing because there is a lot of negative energy.  But thank goodness there are some psychics that are not afraid of it and find it quite delightful.

E:  I wasn’t trying to do a cleansing, but this was a patient of mine who had this thing stuck to her—that was her main complaint, that was what she was actually trying to be treated for.

B:  I don’t even work with that!

E:  But people who were considerably more advanced had tried to help her.  I mean, I was just treating her for the strokes that she had had while this was going on, I was just treating the physical stuff.

B:  Which may have been caused from the entity.

E:  That’s what she thought.  Anyway, some very high-level people….

B:  Between you and me, I think I got pushed off the steps.  That’s how I broke my hip.  There’s something I need to cleanse in this house, and it hangs out right there [pointing to the upper part of the stairway].

E:  I’m interested that you mentioned that, because I was real uncomfortable when I walked in, and I thought I must be crazy because I know what goes on here, and I thought, it can’t feel like this!

B:  At what point did you begin to feel uncomfortable?

E:  I just walked in and sat down in here, and—

B:  Right here, mm hmm.  It’s right there [pointing again toward the stairs].

E:  Well, I kept kind of looking up in there!  Yeah, I think you’ve got something, and that’s weird because [laughing, to the entity] how dare you be in here, the Archangel Michael is protecting this place!

B:  I know, but what he says is, “I was here first.”  I’m somewhat protected, but of course I got pushed!  Now, Orion was telling me, “Put the cat food—you know, when that happened—put the food on the paper plate, and slide it through the banister.  But I didn’t listen.  I went up and I put the plate down, and then I got to the fourth step, and… it wasn’t me.  I didn’t miss that step.  I don’t know what happened.  I can remember going down, thinking, “What the heck is happening?  How did this happen?”  It was almost like I was taken out of my body, and it was the strangest experience I’ve ever had.

So, I’ve had the house feng shui-ed right there, and that up there, where the ceiling comes together, means “to fall.”  And I also just know, because when I go to bed at night, I keep all the lights on, because I can feel the energy.  And this morning when I woke up, I thought, “Oh, he fiddled with me last night.”  Not sexually, just with my mind.  I woke up and was still tired, and couldn’t sleep really well.

I kept telling my friend Bill, “There’s something in this house,” and he kept saying, “No, no, no.”  I said, “I know there is, I know there is.”  So finally today I called him, and I said, “I’ve had it.”  I said, “I know.  It’s either I’m possessed, or this house is possessed.”  I said, “I’m really feeling crazy, I can feel the emotional swings in me.  I’m a good and happy person, but I could feel the swings, like craziness.  Craziness!  And I thought, “This is not me.”  And so I called him, and I left him a message; he was doing dentistry.  He called me back and he said that he did swing the pendulum, and he said, “You’re right.  There are entities, and now this is one way to handle it.”

So he called Terry Cast [spelling?], whom I adore.  She does radionics, and so she’s broadcasting electricity to me right now.  And they can’t take electricity; they have to leave your energy field.  And so what we’re going to do is do a house cleansing, but I’m going to get a whole bunch of people.  This is making him very mad right now, that I’m even talking about it.  I can see him getting mad.  I’ve told him, “Let’s peacefully coexist,” but last night he fiddled with my sleep, and that is not peacefully coexisting.  I’m saying, “You can be here, just  don’t bother me and I won’t bother you.”

When I first walked in here, I thought, “This is everything I’ve ever wanted.  Why am I not excited?”  I had no excitement about it.  I did it purely from another level of, “This is everything I’ve ever wanted.  I should take the house.”

E:  Well, if this could happen to you, it could happen to anybody.

B:  Thank you for saying that.  It was quite a compliment.  Yep, it could.  Because I wasn’t willing to think.  I didn’t ask myself really deeply, “Why am I not more emotionally connected?”  And at a superficial level I thought, “Well, you’ve been knowing for a long time you were going to move, and so this must be what’s next.”

E:  I guess it’s another learning experience, but still, it’s a pretty tough one!

B:  I know!

E:  Well, it makes me feel a little more confident, because really, when I walked in, I thought, “I don’t like it here!”  And I thought, “I must be incorrect, because Betsy would only pick a place with good energy.”

B:  Oh, you know, it’s strange, isn’t it?  I need to get this area right here all feng shui-ed.  It needs to have something different.  But there’s some energy that lives here in this house.

E:  I guess I just did something that was a little violent, that maybe I shouldn’t have done.  I just put a bubble around me.  I went like [gesturing].  I thought, “It’s not coming home with me.”  I really pushed at it.

B:  That’s not violent.  And it really likes it here; it won’t go home with you.

E:  Wow.  Okay.  I guess I only have one really major question left.

One more “danger” question.  I don’t really think this is dangerous, but I’ve been told that it was, and I wonder what your experience is.  Now, what has always been natural for me, and I’m trying to learn to get information in other ways, but what’s always been natural with me is to get emotional, like, tone-colors, and to get kinesthetic information, you know, for things to come through me physically.

B:  I’m not sure I understand.

E:  I mean for my body to be moved.  Physically moved, or at least to experience physical sensations or tendencies.  That I would get the experience in my body rather than verbally or visually.  I still can hardly get anything verbally.  I am getting more visually these days.

B:  That’s good, that’s still good.

E:  You know, it seems like people just operate on these different channels, so to speak.  Because my main contact is a musician, in fact, one of the greatest pianists of all time, I have gotten some channeling at the piano in past years.  This was one of the greatest experiences of my entire life.  I want more of it.  A healer I was working with at the time was absolutely convinced that this was doing great harm to me, and that it needed to stop.  I’m meaning this as more of a general question, but here I am going into the personal story.  I really didn’t believe it, but I told him that she was saying that this was doing harm to me, and that he needed to either find another way to do it, or not do it.  And he must have believed that, because he’s never done it again.

B:  So you had one of your spirit guides on the other side, and he was a pianist.  And he was coming through you.  And then somebody told you it was bad for you.  And so what happened?

E:  And so he stopped, and he’s never done it again.

B:  And you miss him.

E:  I’m with him many times, but I miss that experience.  I don’t even care if it’s  harmful!

B:  Why is it harmful?

E:  She was saying that because of the particular way he was interfacing with my body, that it was actually doing harm to me.

B:  I don’t see this doing any harm at all.  I think you should have it.  I think that maybe the only thing you might have felt and wondered what do to with is I see that he loves you so much he has a kind of ownership of you.  In one lifetime you were completely committed to each other, and you might feel that.  As long as you recognize that he feels that way, you don’t have to… you can say, “You know I love you that way too, but we’re not in the same dimension right now.  But while we’re sharing what we can, I’m all yours.”

E:  Definitely.  I just really liked the piano lessons.  Actually, I got some technical problems solved.

B:  And you can invite him back.

E:  Oh, I have, over and over and over.  And I mean, we have often a very, extremely intimate relationship.  I don’t see him all the time, and this is something I’ve also been told was strange, that people just call on their spirit guides any time, and I don’t find that to be true.  He just doesn’t always seem to be hanging around the Earth plane.  He has other things to do.  He’s not at my beck and call, but sometimes he’s around for days at a time, and sometimes he’s around when I’m not really available, and he can even be pushy about it.  But then, I’m pushy with him too.  It’s like, if I want him, I want him, and I kind of grab at him.

And various people are saying, well, he’s stuck, he shouldn’t be here.  But he’s been part of a number of large projects, rather in the way of what you’re doing.

B:  He’s not stuck.  He comes and goes.  I’m seeing that sometimes he retreats, almost like somebody who is a genius and very, very gifted needs to almost go into a black hole.  Did he have depression or did he just have to get away from people?

E:  He was extremely ill.

B:   Okay, so I’m seeing him go away for periods of time.  But there are three, if not including the black hole place, a fourth place where he goes when he’s not with you.  Then he’s designing and creating somewhere, and there’s times when he retreats.  He goes to a star, and he comes to you.

E:  As far as I know, he’s working with other people.  There are a couple of major mediums that he’s been involved with.

B:  Great.

E:  I didn’t know that when I first met him.

B:  That’s probably that creative space that he goes to, still being very creative.

E:  But it seems like there’s a lot going on with him, and because I can’t generally get verbal information, there’s only so much I know about it.  I know more about it because of what other mediums, who are very well-known, have done with him.

B:  What was your question?  I forgot.

E:  My question was whether channeling by means of physical movement was dangerous, or what you might have to say about it.

B:  Physical movement meaning playing the piano?

E:  Or anything else.

B:  No! Not at all.  There’s healers….

E:  He does that too.

B:  A smile could be channeled.  They influence us energetically, transport us, and so they do impress our thoughts as well as our feelings, and they impress our bodies.  You know, Ramtha is a full-body channel.  It doesn’t hurt her; maybe it tires her for the energy to come in and walk her around.

E:  You did make mention of full-body channeling in the class, but then we didn’t really get into that.

B:  That was the first way, that was how I first channeled.  Hatshepsut came in, the female pharaoh, and I was being moved around, and she had a really bold, loud voice.  It didn’t hurt me at all.  I enjoyed having the experience.  It doesn’t hurt you, not unless you feel the guide, the channel, or the energy that comes through, would harm you.  Like whack at yourself or something!

E:  No, he’s done quite a bit of healing for me.  He can’t seem to get me out of most of the physical problems….

B:  You know, the channels that hurt are the bad energies, the entities that fiddle with us psychologically, screw up our minds.

E:  Yeah, I can imagine that happening.  That demon character had an aspect of that, like it made you think certain things about yourself.

B:  Yes, that’s the bad energy.

E:  And it didn’t want you to express yourself.  It would go for the throat.  It seemed to want to choke off your speech.

B:  Some cause people to get depressed, and some give them hypertension, and some stroke.  You know, there is a demonic world.  My sister, who saw the Archangel Michael, is a Christian, and she says, “Put on the full armament of God, the breastplate, the sword, the shield, and the helmet, and ask for a legion of angels.”

E:  When you said that in the class, also, you said, “Put on the armament of the Kingdom of Heaven,” and I instantly visualized this medieval suit of armor, with the visor and the gauntlets.

B:  Yeah, me too, I see that too.

E:  That was really helpful.  Out of all the things I’ve tried to do for protection, that very simple thing seemed the most helpful.

B:  Well, it’s in the Bible.

E:  Medieval suits of armor hadn’t been invented yet at that time!  It just happened to come out that way.  When I thought of armament, that just happened to be the way it came out.

B:  Yeah, I could have said it that way.

E:  You’ve given me a great deal here, and I’m very grateful.

B:  Wow, thank you.

I’m just going to say thank you Lord, thank you Jesus Christ, thank you Michael, thank you Orion, thank you Hatshepsut, thank you Frederick, thank you to all the angels and archangels and master teacher guides that are with us.  Thank you.  With the name of love we accept this for our highest good.  We accept that this house is more cleansed because we did this work today in the name of love.  And so it is.  Amen.

We agreed that the unpleasant energy in the room felt a lot lighter; in fact, the room felt pretty decent by that time.


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