Betsy’s Channeling Classes: Conclusion

Mandala by C.J. Rogers

For your further edification and amusement, I offer the rest of my experiences with formal channeling classes, from the notes I took at the time.

On 2/24/08, Betsy-Morgan Coffman held a “booster” class  for those who had already been through C2.  There were some amazingly profound, high-level messages, which I think are worth passing on to you, as well as more clarification about the mechanics of channeling.

Betsy started out with some general advice from herself and Orion, which I will pass on to you:

“The higher frequency wins” if there is interference from bothersome entities.  There are always lots of entities around when we do this work, clamoring to come through, but we don’t have to allow them our attention.

“Intuition is ordering in; channeling is ordering out.”  Intuition is getting information from your own higher self.

“No matter what you say the ego’s going to challenge it.”

“Try your best not to take responsibility” for the other person’s life and actions.  “Give them their power back.”

Cleanse daily, asking your highest guides for help.  Cleanse at the end of a session.

“Truth is empowering, freeing, loving, and doesn’t harm anyone.”  There is impersonal truth, like what we might get at a public session, and there is personal truth, specific to the individual.

“The third eye is for psychic hits, the crown for channeled information.”  You can use both and alternate between them.

You can ask for a guide either by his or her name or by nature, that is, you can ask for an angel, or a healing guide, or a guide that can help with a specific issue.

The format was similar to the previous classes.  For the first exercise, we were told to ask for three guides, as before.  I found a greenish energy on my left; I heard the name “Taltec.”  He said, “You are kind.”  Above my head was a white light, I thought associated with the word “Mycene.”  I did not receive a message from her.  This process again seemed far too rushed for me, and I was barely getting in touch with the third entity when we finished.  I did feel my hands activated and glowing, though, and great energy at my crown chakra.  I would have liked to have more opportunity to feel out these energies or entities and to see if I should have more contact with them.  They did not return later, as far as I could tell.

“Marcus,” a guide associated with a excellent healer I know, Susan Herrington, was fun and lighthearted, and kept telling us to lighten up.  I could feel him clearly, sitting at my left with Susan, and found him particularly enjoyable.  A most pleasant energy.  He spoke, jokingly, of “leace”—love and peace at the same time.

When we next went around the circle, we were supposed to have an entity speak.  The day before, I had told Fryderyk that the class was coming up, and that I hoped he would attend with me, and he did return.  I felt some of the previous energies/beings around me, but Fryderyk had also been there the entire time, coming in strongly in his most usual spot at my right side.  I was a little torn, not knowing which one to listen to.  I wanted very much to hear from him, but then, I might be missing a chance to make the acquaintance of someone who could become important to me.  It became more difficult because I was second to the last in line, and I had to hold my connection to him for quite a while as the others took their turns.  At first, I felt a great deal of activity around my vocal mechanism, buzzing and vibrating, and energy and near-words rising in my throat.  I could hardly keep from bursting out with whatever he wanted to say—ideas were coming already— and I needed to squelch him until it was time.  But by the time it was our turn, the energy had dropped considerably, and I felt that we might have missed his chance to come through.  I had also become increasingly nervous; my heart was pounding fast and I couldn’t calm it down.  I realized that I wasn’t comfortable bringing out this intimate association in such a public place, despite the fact that there were people I knew fairly well and trusted in the room.  I was afraid of letting him speak and also afraid of blocking him.  I was pretty much tied in knots.  Then it was my turn and I had to find a way through all that.

Betsy acknowledged that I was already strongly connected and did not need help from her to get in touch.  I told her that Fryderyk was present.  I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.  Nothing.  Then more nothing.  Finally my voice started up, and while I didn’t feel that the message was solely his at first, the voice sounded solid and confident.  “Performance anxiety is not unusual,” we said, and I was told that others could feel my anxiety.  That veteran of many years of mediumship of all sorts was able to work around my nerves, though, and more words came out of my mouth.  “It is interesting to come to you in this context; it is not the way I am used to working….  She is nervous, she is blocking, but it doesn’t matter, I can still get through to you.  She does not want you to know me as she does.  She is possessive….  I am interested in what you are doing with this work.  I am proud of you.  You are doing well.”  He said something else reminding us that we are greater than we think we are, but I couldn’t remember the exact words long enough to write them down.

No one else knew the significance of his calling me possessive; they could not have known how I had sometimes taken him to task for that very fault, and how I had insisted that it was not a fault of mine.  This could have been heard as an inside joke, but I didn’t detect the slightest edge of humor.  Nor did he seem upset or frustrated.  I was simply being told a truth.  I was so surprised to find that I really didn’t want to share him with the group.  “I asked for that,” I thought, and I took the lesson to heart.

After saying his piece, Fryderyk left the room.  I remembered that during the C1 class he had hung around, but had not seemed to want to speak.  I remembered, too, that when he did speak to me in the evening after the class was over, his message was too personal for a group session.  I almost regretted asking him to come in today, since it seemed I had done little more than to cause both of us an inconvenience.  I was glad I had been able to hear a few words from him, excited and elated, but I felt that perhaps I had been inappropriate somehow.  I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  I wondered if he had done this simply as a favor to me, or if it had served his own purposes in any way.  I thanked him profusely, anyway.

We began to receive some formidable material.  Manuel reported, with a quizzical and perhaps confused look on his face, that he was channeling “the light that surrounds Metatron.”  This sounded quite odd to me, especially since at that time I had never heard of the Archangel Metatron, and the name seemed like something out of a Japanese superhero cartoon.  But the entity added, “We use names for your convenience, not ours.  You can call me Bob if you like.”

Liz admitted that she was extremely uneasy with the whole experience of being in the class, and apologized for bringing up a lot of questions about the basic mechanisms of channeling.  We encouraged her to ask and not to feel bad about her misgivings.  She asked, among other things, how it could be that we are all one energy, but it manifests as different beings.  She wanted to know if we were really just channeling God at all times.  “Bob” explained, “Thought takes energy and forms it.”  He said it is like air being everywhere in the world; it is situated over different countries, but it cannot be separated.  He referred to string theory and how a string vibrating one way is one thing, and vibrating another way, it is something different.  “You are the essence of God having a human experience,” he added.  “You are born with this toolbox and you spend your whole life just trying to open the box.”

I asked him about a friend’s channeling of a set of fictional characters, and whether it matters that they are fictional.  His immediate answer was simply, “No.”  A concept came to me, and I said, “I just got that fiction is a convenient framework for us to create what we need to manifest.”  “Bob” added, “But remember that you are the author, the editor, and the director.”

Orion broke in with, “We personify energy, so that the part of us that is a personality can relate to it.”

Marie (not “my” Marie) said, “There are so many different guides because we are all so different.”

Liz asked about how we create our reality through our thoughts.  Karen replied, “Intense emotion with your thought creates your reality.”  Betsy concurred, and her ideas included, “Taking emotion away from the thought disempowers it.”

Betsy said that she had told Orion years ago, “All I want is more God.”  He had replied, “If you connected right to God, you’d burn up!  I’m as high as you can go without burning up.”  (I’m not so sure about that; humans do often seem to make direct connections to the Divine– don’t they?)

We told Liz that we appreciated her questions, which brought the whole discussion up to a higher level.  She seemed to feel a bit better, but she declined to try any channeling herself, saying that she had realized it was something she just didn’t want to do.

I asked another Susan (there were three, and I had met this one in previous classes) why we all have that fundamental belief that we are not good enough and not deserving, because she had expressed something earlier about our need to get beyond that.  She was unable to give a purpose for it, but talked about how it happens, how when we come to Earth we remember who we really are, but we get brainwashed within a few years and forget.  It came to me that we believe we are inferior because deep down we remember that we used to be something greater.

When it was my turn to answer questions, I was not nervous the way I had been earlier with Fryderyk.  I knew that if I was unable to connect with a guide, I would still most likely be able to bring in answers on my own.  I felt myself connecting very strongly upward, lifting, and there was an entity in the position where I expect to find Michael, but I couldn’t be quite sure it was him, and he did not connect with me in such a way as to speak through me.  I felt more that I was connected directly to Source and speaking as my higher self, and that was what I reported when asked.

The information I gave met with approval; Betsy said in a couple of cases that she saw the same thing, and one of the students I read for said, “Well, you’re the third person to tell me that.”  I felt confident and strong.  My style of speech and my consciousness remained my own, however, and that seemed all right, as I was speaking meaningfully and effectively.

Susan H. was last, after me.  I asked Marcus why sometimes we can’t channel, thinking particularly of another friend who’d been having this problem lately.  He said, “From our point of view, it’s like you go away.  Since you are being human, sometimes you need to go and do human things.  You can’t always be in channeling energy.  But we are always glad when you come back.”

Marcus was then asked why we come here to be human.  Part of his answer was to say that it’s like going to an amusement park— we want to ride the Ferris wheel, the roller coaster, all the different rides, and have all the different experiences.  Karen asked if Source learns through us with those experiences.  Marcus, and it seemed Susan along with him, replied that Source already knows.  So why do we need to have those experiences at all?  “If I wanted to climb a mountain, I’d know it would be cold, but I’d still want to go.  If I was going to watch a sad movie, I’d know it would make me cry, but I’d still want to watch it.”

There was so much more, far more than I was able to write down.  We rocked!


On March 18, 2009, I participated in another of Betsy’s booster classes.  This one was conducted as a conference call; it was an experiment to find out if holding a class over the phone would be workable.  For me, it worked quite well.  It seemed to me that I could perceive more without the distraction of seeing and hearing the other students in the same room with me.  Some very experienced channelers, Hania Stromberg and Jennifer Vaitkus, were on the call.

While setting up and calling upon help and protection, Betsy mentioned an entity I hadn’t heard of before, “Lady Maitreya.”  “Who the heck is that?” I thought.*  Then Betsy did her usual thing of asking us to contact three guides, to our left, to our right, and above us in the center.  Very little time was allotted to each one, and as in the past, I felt rushed, but it seemed like I made three definite contacts.

The one on the left looked like a cartoon of an angelic figure in white, with yellow hair, a white halo, and a suggestion of wings, either small wings or perhaps some sort of ornamental shoulder pads or flanges sticking up from her dress.  I wasn’t sure.  I was a little annoyed with myself for coming up with such a hackneyed picture of an angel, but I felt like there was some actual communication coming from this being.  When I asked for a name, I heard “Maitreya.”  That again!  What did it mean?  This didn’t look anything like the Future Buddha, certainly.

The guide on the right flew into my field of vision and hovered in front of me.  At first I thought it was a great russet-red bird, but it quickly crystallized into an image of a pterosaur with a long, skinny neck and a pouch below its beak rather like a pelican’s.  Once the image formed, it just sat there.  There was no communication of any kind, or rather I had no time to ask for any, because Betsy had already gone on to the last guide.  I still have no clue what a red pterosaur was doing in my head.

As at previous classes, the third guide was the hardest to get a fix on, and I was barely getting started when I ran out of time.  We had been told that the third guide was likely to be the highest, and this seemed to be the case.  I thought he felt much like my previous experiences of Jesus.  Lots of white light and a vague sense of a human male shape, nothing more just then.

We were all asked to give greetings and brief messages from our guides.  As we went around the circle, I did my best to focus in on them and get a sense of what they might want to say.  It was the first guide, the angel woman, who wanted to speak, so I concentrated on her.  “Maitreya” didn’t sound quite right.  I thought that she was related to Maitreya or an aspect of him/her, in a way I couldn’t pin down.  I finally settled on “a representative of Maitreya.”  I still didn’t think that was exactly right.

At any rate, when my turn came, I felt ready.  I introduced the being as a representative of Maitreya and an image of purified womanhood, whatever all that meant, and proceeded to speak.  My experience was that ideas were put into my head, but words were not put in my mouth; I had to come up with the verbalization myself.  The lady said that she had come to speak of purity.  We all often feel unworthy, she said, but she wanted us to know that we are everything that we need to be, that we are pure light and so forth, and should not let anyone tell us otherwise.  The speech was clearly a response to my having recently been accused of being taken over by a harmful spiritual source and was sucking energy from everyone around me [as I mentioned in previous posts].  Whether this message was coming from a source entirely outside me or simply from my own mind, I found it heartening.

As the various students and their guides spoke, at times I strongly perceived the colors or energetic “flavors” of different entities.  One who was particularly vivid was introduced as Edgar, and later identified as Edgar Cayce.  I saw black, in a wide and far-reaching vista that stretched ahead of me, a line of deep black running across the horizon.  I don’t mean black in any negative sense; this was simply the tone that presented itself to my brain.  Edgar seemed most congenial.  Another strong entity was called Mary; when asked, she could not say that she was any one specific Mary, but told us simply that she was “Mary who loves.”  I saw her as tones of royal blue and indigo.  Yet another entity claimed to be Kuan Yin.  I didn’t perceive much of anything with that one.

Jesus spoke through Hania, as usual.  There was no message of great import, but his presence was palpable, and felt as wonderful and soothing as ever.

In some cases, either I was simply unable to perceive anything, or nothing much was happening for that student.  Sometimes I fancy that I can tell whether or not “real” channeling is going on, but that may be hubris on my part.  One way or another, some of the students appeared to struggle mightily, and the messages were unimpressive.  It’s not easy, even with practice and help from the teacher, to do these things on command and with so little time to prepare.  With some others, I could strongly feel and/or quasi-see the entities.  The skeptics and pseudoskeptics among you might like to say that I was seeing thought-forms generated by the students themselves.  That’s a possibility.

Finally, we took time for a few questions.  One student asked about some depigmented, flaky patches on her arms, which someone had told her related to a past life.  The student who was asked the question came up blank, but I was bursting with answers, and I asked if it would be all right to say something.  Betsy told us that she had been about to open the question to the group anyway, and to go ahead and speak.  It looked to me like the woman had been burned in that past life and that the flaking represented trying to get rid of the damage, trying to get rid of something she didn’t need or want anymore.

Another student had been said to have the “Flower of Life” in her aura or something like that.  I didn’t understand this reference, but it appeared to be a familiar concept to Betsy and her circle.  This woman asked plaintively why she couldn’t manifest this and why she didn’t feel connected with it.  No answers were forthcoming, and so I jumped in again, telling her that I could feel her fear—which I really could, so very strongly— and asking her to let go of that and be all that she really is.

My memory isn’t totally clear on any of this, which so often happens with working in an altered state.  At the time, I spoke with conviction, but then I spent the rest of the evening and the next day second-guessing myself and wondering if I had gotten any of what I told the other students right.  “Right.”  Does that mean anything at this point?


*Since writing this, I’ve looked through Betsy’s first book, I’m Beside Myself, again, and found Maitreya described as an “angel, archangel, and star being” who has been an important guide for her over many years.  I’ll ask Betsy for clarification.


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