Hearing Voices Again: Wilde

After I wrote my last post concerning Oscar Wilde, I realized that I could have included his contact with the direct-voice medium Leslie Flint, which occurred in 1957.  (Search this blog for extensive information about Mr. Flint and my take on his work.)  I went back to a recording of the Wilde voice that I had acquired back in the ‘90s, and put it up on Box.com so that it could be shared.  Inexplicably, when I tried to go back to it just now so that I could give it to you, the file was gone and the link no longer worked.  I uploaded it again, and I could swear that this is the same URL as before: https://app.box.com/s/iybw0f9a2kha935jhsfo.  I hope it will stay there (as all my other files at Box always have) long enough that you can check it out if you want.  What most struck me about this conversation is that Wilde was so reluctant to state his identity, apparently believing that everyone still thought ill of him.  However, it is also clear that his overall awareness has expanded and that he perceives himself as something much more than he was.

I expect that there is a mundane explanation for the disappearance of my Box file, but perhaps Someone Up There didn’t like me sharing that recording?  The Leslie Flint Educational Trust insists that all their recordings and other materials are copyrighted, and that copies from other sources, such as the one where I purchased the Wilde recording, are illegal.  I think I’ve discussed some issues about copyrighting channeled messages with you before.  But at any rate, the Wilde session is not currently available at www.leslieflint.com, so I think I’m in the clear.  I have also cleaned up the sound as much as I could, and although it’s still full of static, it’s easier to hear than what I started with.

I hadn’t visited the Flint website in a couple of years or so; I had been trying to make transcriptions of the Chopin recordings, but found it impossible because I couldn’t download the audio, nor would the Flint people sell me any of it, and without being able to go back and listen to the same section over and over I just couldn’t manage to write the stuff down.  The tapes were old and fuzzy, and Chopin’s English can be a bit strange.  I even tried recording with an air mic on another device and going from there, but the quality was even worse and harder to understand.  I’m sure there must be some technological solution, but now I don’t need one, because ta da! transcriptions have been made by an infinitely patient person belonging to the Flint organization!  Thank you, thank you, thank you to Mr. Simon Lovelock for taking the many hours it must have required to transcribe all these messages from the Chopin voice and others.  The Chopin sessions can be found here:

And thank you to Guilherme Tavares for pointing me toward the updated Flint site.  It turns out that some of the recordings that wouldn’t play before now run just fine.  I discovered that I can right-click on my MacBook to rewind or fast-forward, although the recordings are still not as user-friendly as those on many other sites.  There is now a YouTube channel as well:

Recordings of the Chopin voice are at http://www.leslieflint.com/recordingschopin.html.  When I clicked on a session I hadn’t been able to hear in the past, one from December 1955, I was greeted with “People don’t seem to realize, you know, how very much mixed up you are.”  Oh, my, did that sound familiar.  When I ask Fryderyk about anything pianistic, if I get any verbal answer at all, it is likely to start out with, “You are thinking about this all wrong” or “You are looking at this backwards.”  Next time that happens, I am going to reply with, “Are you as tired of saying that as I am of hearing it?”

Not that I would disagree that people are very much mixed up.  Far from it.  Guilty as charged.



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8 responses to “Hearing Voices Again: Wilde

  1. Thanks for the links, Elene. – AOD


  2. I just cross-posted this to my group at A New Gaia – “Hearing Voices”. I’ll admit that I neglect that group too much. As soon as I saw this, I thought “I really want to share this in that group”; but I was distracted by other demands of living. Then, OM featured the Hearing Voices group recently, and still remembering this blog, I have now carried through with my intention. I just wanted you to know that I deeply appreciate your having shared this information.


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  4. Leo

    You need to check out the work of the psychical researcher Donald J. West. He tested Leslie Flint and caught him in fraud. The tape from Flint’s mouth had been moved. He produced the “spirit” voices himself.


    • Although West was a prominent member of the SPR and wrote prolifically about research on psychic matters, I have not been able to find out much about him. Here is one sample of his writing, which seems to me to be refreshingly non-dogmatic and not particularly biased in either direction:


      I have not been able to find details about his investigation of Leslie Flint, unfortunately. Therefore I can’t really say anything useful about that.

      If you’ve read my other “Hearing Voices” posts (and if you haven’t, you need to check them out), you saw that I expressed various misgivings about Flint’s work. However, there are some aspects of it that I find quite convincing, and the most convincing thing is the Chopin voice’s accent and manner of speaking. I have a hard time imagining how Flint could cobble together this mixture of French and Polish elements, some very subtle, on his own. I can’t ignore that. While some of the speakers sound ridiculous, the Chopin voice has an entirely reasonable accent, and in general it gives messages that are both witty and profound (though they include a few bits that bother me). More importantly to me, the personality of that voice closely matches that of the man I know myself. Something more than mere fraud was going on at least some of the time.

      Some of what has been written by skeptics about Flint’s voices is simply not true. For example, it has been said that all the voices have British accents, whereas some, like the Chopin voice, clearly do not. One skeptic’s statement to the effect that the Chopin voice spoke perfect English is just plain silly– the English spoken by that voice is decidedly exotic, and clearly this is not the speaker’s first language.

      Whatever may be said about Flint’s work, there seems to be an irreducible amount of ambiguity. I haven’t been able to resolve my own questions about him very well. And not only have I been unable to find a clear and absolute indictment of him as a fraud, I haven’t been able to find real evidence that he was proven to be genuine. That’s where I’m left with the matter at this point.

      For detailed descriptions of research on the physical mediums of the past, you need to check out the work of Michael Tymn. His blog can be found at the White Crow Books website, and his books are available on Amazon.


      • Hello Elene,
        in my own research online this last month, your blog has cropped up twice…!
        Once after I was studying posts online about the Medium Rosemary Brown & then today after searching for info on Rose Creet (sitter with Leslie Flint & fan of Chopin.)

        In fact another ‘coincidence’ – if there is such a thing – is that I currently have a second tab open on my desktop at this moment, which is for a Youtube for a video entitled :
        F. Chopin – Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor, Op. 21 (Lang Lang, Gergiev)
        Now I know very little about classical music & this piece was recommended to me by a friend only two days ago. In fact my friend’s own musical & Spiritual journey may interest you…another time perhaps ?

        The reason I have actually replied here, was really only to let you know that there are some NEW Flint recordings going live on a new Youtube channel at the moment – one of them I believe, is a clear original of the Oscar Wilde recording you mention earlier…these are being uploaded by a gentleman in America, with the blessing of the Leslie Flint Trust.
        The link to the recordings uploaded so far, is here :
        They are copyrighted to the Flint Trust, but I recommend revisiting the page often since they are being added to weekly at the moment…
        Happy listening,
        & best wishes


        • Thanks, Karl. I’ll have a look at the new recordings. I haven’t checked back with the Flint material in quite a while.

          By the way, Lang Lang is not a great choice for Chopin’s repertoire, though he’s a wonderful Beethoven player. Nevertheless, the F minor concerto (the first one Chopin wrote, though it was published second) is full of great tunes, and I hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy the “coincidence.” In another synchronicity, one day last week I was fretting about not hearing from Chopin for quite a while, and when I turned on the radio the third movement of that concerto was playing. The piece has some special connections for me, and it was very heartening to have it show up that way and remind me that he’s never entirely absent.

          Also by “coincidence,” it happened that today I was having a conversation with a midwife about how exactly people get incarnated– she says she has seen some wild effects in her work– and your comment reminded me of the Flint Chopin transcriptions, and I ended up looking at the Chopin voice’s words about exactly that.


    • erm…that’s interesting…and quite likely untrue. Tell me, how would you explain recordings of Mr Flint speaking WITH the Spirits at the same time…?


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