When Is an Entity Not an Entity, and Does It Really Matter?

2012 Marigold Parade, Albuquerque

2012 Marigold Parade, Albuquerque

Día de los Muertos and my dear departed is nowhere to be found.  I am dispirited.  Dispossessed.  Ghostbusted.  Sigh.  But he’ll be back.  He always comes back– so far.

I’ve written a lot about the tremendous, invaluable help Fryderyk has given to me over the years.  My point in this post is going to be that no matter what They “really” are, the positive effects of spirit entities can be huge.

The most obvious and well-studied help comes to those who are bereaved.  I’ve been reminded of this lately by two of my patients.  One has been reeling from the death of a young family member for almost a year, and is still deeply enmeshed in the grieving process.  Other family members have started working with a medium in the recent past, and they’ve received clear and evidential communications that certainly appear to be coming from the deceased.  While this has not wiped out their grief, it has caused a definite shift toward healing.  My patient has not yet had this direct experience herself, but hearing about it has comforted her substantially.  I’ve read about this kind of thing many times, especially in connection with Induced After-Death Communication*, but this is the first that I’ve seen it in action.

Another patient, an 85-year-old lady, was musing about her deceased husband during her last appointment.  She is doing poorly lately in some ways, and she’s been thinking a lot about the fact that she “knows more people in the next world than in this one,” as she puts it, and what it may be like when she moves on.  She had a number of vivid sightings of her husband after his death, which she authorized me to share with you.  He had suffered severely from diabetes and all the worst it can do to a human body, including having his legs amputated.  She particularly appreciated seeing him in one piece in her visions, with both his legs intact, looking happy and healthy.  That was what she emphasized to me when I saw her last, that it meant so much to her to know that he was no longer suffering.

Here are a few of the notes that she jotted down for me about her experiences over the years:

“1998  No. 3… Walking towards me on Stillwell, I had Skipper [dog] walking to him… he had both legs, and he looked good.”

“No. 12, July 1999– Saw him, he was waiting for me with his arms open to me– made me very sad.”

“No. 14, Nov. 1st, 2000 (11 am)   I did not see him but I felt him there at 8711, I was by [daughter’s] bedroom and there was a distinct loud thump in the closet by his gun room– I opened the the door and found [other daughter’s] duvet comforter that we had been searching for.  I know he was there, I could feel him close to me.  His love reached out to me.”

“No. 15, Oct. 10th, 2004   I saw him just for a few minutes, he was very agitated and did not speak to me– it was the day [cousin] had a heart attack– he was running back and forth– I had not actually seen him in four years.”

Communication with the “dead” is so common that it barely makes a blip on my radar anymore, and it is relatively easy to understand– a dead person is fundamentally not so different from a live one.  But so many times Something or Someone is there and the situation is not nearly so clear.  There has been a spate of patients bringing in entities of one sort or another in the past couple of months.  I don’t mean that I was perceiving something around them on my own to begin with, but that they told me about it themselves and asked me to help them with it– fully expecting that I could.  If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I’ve had terrifying experiences with a demonic entity and that I had no success whatsoever in dealing with it.  (See my post “A Case of Possession.”)  I haven’t tried to work with anything like that since, and I’ve pretty much assumed that I couldn’t.  However, apparently the universe has decided that it’s time I learned and that I have to get some practice.

A gentleman about my age complained of feeling attacked by other people’s negative thoughts being aimed at him, envy and resentment and similar discordant stuff.  He has a strong background in healing and spirituality himself, and is psychologically strong and capable of dealing with difficult people, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of being battered by these unpleasant intentions.  I took a look around him and saw a clear image of an arrow, like one might see on a sign, pointing downward toward his head.  It had definite edges and was almost palpable, appearing to be about a foot and a half long and a few inches wide, in a solid dark blue for whatever that’s worth.  I would interpret it as a thought form, but whether it had been created by the patient or by those who were causing problems for him, I can’t say for sure.  Perhaps I was seeing his perception of what was going on, or perhaps the image was formed by my own brain’s attempt to make sense of the situation.  At any rate, this was not a being with its own agenda so much as an energetic sculpture of sorts, and it was a relatively easy thing to clear.  The next week this patient reported that the feeling of oppression and negativity was mostly gone.

It was more difficult with another patient, a lady who has some particularly draining family issues to contend with, and who is very aware of her own usual spirit companions.  Fighting tears and looking absolutely exhausted, she told me that for quite a while she had been feeling like something was obstructing everything she tried to do, hanging around her and keeping her from moving forward in any way.  She had had no luck trying to get rid of it or learn anything about it.  While she was on the table, I looked and found something that gave me a genuine scare.  There was a mass of energy hovering over her chest, creating a heavy pressure.  It wasn’t directly touching her, but that was only because she was constantly pushing it away with all her might.  I joined in and tried to dislodge it, but it was a serious challenge.  It seemed really determined to get at her, and it pushed back with considerable force.  In this case, the thing seemed truly to be an entity separate from the patient, not simply a creation of her own.  But why would it be trying to harm her, and what could we do about it?  I used every strategy I could think of, asking what it was, what it wanted, whether it represented someone close to her, and so on, but I couldn’t find out anything about it and couldn’t get it to move.  Did it represent the difficult family member?  That didn’t seem to be the answer.  Had it simply hooked on to the patient because she was in a weakened and vulnerable state?  I never did get any clarity about what was going on.  Between the two of us we did manage to clear it away, though, I think through sheer brute force– not the way I would prefer to work.  It took everything both of us had to do it, but she did feel much freer afterward.   At her next appointment she told me that she still had the feeling that it was waiting around nearby to get at her again but that she’d been able to keep it at bay.  I am cautiously optimistic but more than a little unnerved about this experience, and will continue to monitor the situation.

++I broke off writing this to zip over to an Albuquerque Baroque Players concert, where Fryderyk made a liar of me by showing up during a set of Handel arias and sticking around for a good while, keeping me warm and contented.  Or perhaps I should turn that around and say that he confirmed that I was telling the truth when I said he always comes back.   I’ll never stay away long either, Fryc, I promise.++

The most colorful of the recent entity experiences came about during a difficult session with a very traumatized mid-school-age boy who has been through a life-threatening illness, someone with a huge imagination, a taste for and wide knowledge of mythology, and a family background that includes some shamans.  He and I were trying to find a way to work with his intense fears about any medical treatment, including the acupuncture he used to accept so easily.  As we talked, he suddenly exclaimed, “I see a demon in that corner!  There are glowing red eyes!”

Oh, crap, I thought, because when it comes to anything that might be a demon, I’m pretty traumatized myself.  The kid had already detected the dragon that sometimes people perceive around me, and I had other reasons to believe that his intuitions were right on track.  So I took him very seriously, and gazed at the area he was pointing toward.  Yikes, I was seeing the eyes too (in my own mind’s eye, that is).  Something was there.  Interestingly, he was pointing directly at my defunct clock, which is covered in a painting of a dragon with red eyes that stared straight at us, but the clock was hidden behind a little tapestry, being used to prop it upright.  The patient couldn’t have physically seen the dragon, but it may have contributed to the imagery that came up.

The glowing red eyes seemed independent of the dragon picture, though.  I tried telling the entity that it needed to leave, and it quite obligingly started walking away.  It looked to me like a flat black silhouette, with a round head with a serrated margin as if it had cartoon fur, and skinny stick-like limbs.  There was no detail other than the eyes.  The thing didn’t seem very scary, I was relieved to see.  On the other hand, as we continued to talk about what we were seeing and what the boy was feeling, and I worked at clearing whatever I could, it was still there, still appearing to be walking away but not actually getting any further from us.  There seemed to be no more progress.

It was as if we were having a shared dream and moving through it together.  Much like what happens when I do “normal” psychic work with patients, but not quite the same.  At length, the creature turned and came back toward us, setting itself directly in front of the boy.  I was alarmed, but then it turned so that it was facing away from him, its hands raised with claws at the ready.  It was trying to protect him!  We had tamed this beast and brought it into service for him, it seemed.  By that time it appeared positively cute and winsome to me, not threatening in the least.

My take on this was that the creature provided a way for this patient to crystallize his feelings into a form he could deal with, in a visual language he understood.  I’d like to say that there was a dramatic transformation in his PTSD, as I hoped at the time, but it turned out to be only one step in the process; he’s still very fearful.  I will be fascinated to see what develops the next time I see him.

Sometimes I’m the patient myself, and invisible beings come to treat me.  Usually it’s been my familiar musical being, or another entity who has been formally introduced to me in some way.  I’ve complained of not always knowing how to tell who is who.  I mentioned this to Christine the other day (see my post “Here Be Dragons”), saying that she is better at recognizing and distinguishing them than I am.  She laughed and said, “I think I just don’t care as much”– that is, it doesn’t matter to her which one is who.  Touché.  Perhaps I am too concerned with understanding intellectually.  But inquiring minds want to know!

In the past few months I have struggled with some new physical discomforts and difficulties that have slowed me down considerably at times, but I have also had a new source of assistance available.  I’m not sure exactly when it was that I started to be aware that there was an unfamiliar entity trying to make contact with me.  She– I had a sense of femininity for reasons I can’t describe– felt distinctly different from Fryderyk, who can come in with a good deal of force.  There was a feathery softness in her touch that wasn’t quite like anything I’d experienced before, surrounding me in the gentlest imaginable way.  I wondered if she might be defined as an angel.

One night in August, not long after my mother had been hospitalized and I’d been ill enough myself to make a trip to the emergency room**, I came home from an unusually long day of seeing patients in the western part of the state with my personal fuel gauge on E.  I’d been OK most of the day, but at that point I realized I had really done myself in and was in a state that was starting to get me a little worried.  It was hard to breathe and my chest hurt.  The angel or whatever she was made herself apparent and went to work on me right away.  Almost instantly I was out of the scary state and becoming much more comfortable, starting to feel normal again.  After a little while Fryderyk came in as well, and I was interested to see how distinct they were from each other.  Whatever they did, it put me completely to rights, and I was deeply grateful, especially since I was scheduled to go out to see my most fragile and difficult patient, an hour away out west again, the next morning.  I feel certain that I could not have managed that without their help.

I can hardly describe how momentous this was, despite my years of experience with Them.  What did I do to deserve this near-miracle?  How did I attract this wondrous being?  I have no idea.  I can only say that there is a kind of healing circle or chain in which someone supplies me with energy and I pass it on to patients and they pass it on to the people in their lives who are in need, and it goes on and on.

The next time I encountered this being, I tried my best to get a look at her and to ask who she was, but I got no insight whatsoever.  Within another week or so, I again had an energetic crash, not as bad this time, with the chest discomfort very prominent.  She touched a spot there  and the discomfort vanished instantly (and then was completely gone for weeks).  It didn’t even feel like she had done anything in particular.  Pretty slick!  By this time I was extremely curious, and I asked again who she was, dropping into a channeling state as best I could.

“I am she who is the embodiment of wisdom,” I heard.  Oh!  I thought.  Sophia!  I already knew someone who channels the goddess of wisdom.

OoooKkkk… here we are again with the same problem I had over contacting Kuan Yin.  A goddess.  Uh huh.  Right.  I don’t really know what to do with that concept.  Maybe something Mendy Lou told me when I described this experience will help, though.  She wrote, “But as for Wisdom, I think that it is not something that we can possess, but rather a thing which we allow to enter into us or perhaps come upon us….”  Maybe personifying Wisdom is not so strange.  But Sophia, as I am choosing to call her, seems very much a person in her own right rather than a personification.  I await further enlightenment on this matter– still, having made little or no progress with understanding it since I wrote about Kuan Yin and the beginning channeling class a couple of years ago.  I try not to worry about it too much.  I have Friends in High Places, and that’s worth a lot whether I understand it or not.

Wisdom and discernment are always needed and in all too short supply, but I think I can benefit from an infusion of wisdom even more than usual right now.  One thing I know is that I can’t run my batteries down to nothing all the time and expect someone to swoop in from the heavens and save me.  I still have to show some sense.  I am infinitely glad to know that They are watching out for me, though, and helping me to watch out for others.

Thank you.  Thank you.

*Information on Induced After-Death Communication can be found at the site of the originator, Al Botkin, http://www.induced-adc.com/ 

You may also want to look at my posts on IADC from March 2010.

**Nothing serious was found and they were able to reassure me a lot; my symptoms have been inconvenient and uncomfortable but there is no major threat to my health.



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11 responses to “When Is an Entity Not an Entity, and Does It Really Matter?

  1. Hania Stromberg

    Hi Elene, I am sorry you had physical issues but am glad that you received the help you needed and feel better. I hope your mother is feeling okay now.

    Thank you for mentioning Induced After Death Communication. I am sure that Al Botkin would appreciate it as well (Are you aware that the page you offer the hyperlink you provide takes to a page that has been deleted. ? Al’s website is http://www.induced-adc.com/)

    Your article is lovely; it is always an interesting subject for me and you have a lot to say and you write so eloquently about it.

    I, too, agree that we need not know the details or specifics about the gifts from the Divine.

    With love, Hania


  2. Thanks, Hania. I was using a link WordPress gave me automatically. I’ve added the URL for Al Botkin’s site in a footnote.


  3. Thanks, Elene, for the post. Well, this is a fascinating and vast topic for discussion, so I’ll just pick a couple of points. The more I engage in vibrational work, the less I have a fixed idea of what constitutes a human being. So, already I’m using an unknown as a reference point against which I’m comparing other elements of the unknown. All I have to go by anymore is what appears to create movement.

    So, I go back and forth between intellectual models, sensory impressions, language, and feelings in order to have my best perspective on the event. Language is seemingly a crucial element at times, and at other times it’s utterly inconsequential. Sometimes what creates movement is putting a label, including attributes, on the non-physical presence, and sometimes movement simply occurs by virtue of recognizing the presence through contacting it with as much of my entire field as I can muster.

    The only point at which I feel that understanding comes into play is the connection my intellect makes to the label that’s applied. Aside from that I keep my mind on the shelf as much possible.

    Several days ago I did a session with someone with shoulder pain. One component of the muscle spasm pattern was that she’d had surgery recently and been under general anesthesia. In that vulnerable, ungrounded state I feel she had taken on some entities from the hospital environment concerning death, illness, and surgery that had lodged in her muscle tissue. It was analogous to having residual toxicity from a medication that the body couldn’t entirely clear. In this instance, the label “entity” seemed to refer to an off-gassing of psychic trauma from past patients in ungrounded states that settled in the environment like a vapor.

    When I applied the labels, “entities, hospital, death, illness” the muscle spasm released, and the underlying joint misalignments surfaced. In this case I don’t think I would’ve seen the full picture of the shoulder pain unless I’d named the non-physical presence.

    I do feel that if I didn’t have a grounded, neutral place from which to ask simple yes or no questions about non-physical presences and apply these labels, I’d probably be a liability to myself and others. But that’s a whole other discussion.


    • Yes, James, what is a human being? It seems to be all that we recognize as “us” plus so very many other things that we encompass or are connected to.

      It’s not surprising that a patient under anesthesia can pick up stuff in the environment of a hospital full of distressed patients and visitors, including patients who have died very recently. We need to look out for this kind of thing regularly. Perhaps there is more we could do to help prepare people who are about to undergo procedures like this.

      The labeling is an interesting aspect of this work. I had planned to comment on this regarding your “garbage can diagnosis” post and didn’t get to it. Sometimes naming an issue, or at least recognizing it even if nonverbally, in itself causes it to lose its power and dissipate. Dr. Yuen used the old phrase “the truth will set you free” in this connection. He said that often as soon as he perceived the problem in the patient, it cleared immediately without his having to do anything more. There is also a belief that if you can find out the name of a demon, you can control it.

      While labels can of course be limiting or misleading, they can also be reassuring. “Knowing the demon’s name,” even when the demon is an impersonal* pattern of illness such as fibromyalgia, can help us to feel that we can handle the situation, that it is something other people have understood and dealt with and we can manage it too.

      *maybe not the best word but I mean “not an entity”….


      • Rev Lenred (Len)

        Hi Elene,
        There is much that can be done to help a person in stressful and traumatic situations. They are quite vulnerable, easily targeted by negative energies/entities. The unaware individual would not know or understand what is happening. Fear then becomes a reality thereby enhancing the negative influence by the dark.

        It is refreshing to see that you have incorporated some of this knowledge into your work.


    • Rev Lenred (Len)

      Hi Jamie,
      Looks like you have learned much about entities since I saw you last. It’s been a long time. As you know, dark entities can wreak havoc on those who are unaware. Awareness is a key issue for most individuals. Becoming who you really are is the ultimate goal in life. As one becomes, dark entities will become a non-issue. Keep up the good work my friend.


  4. Melissa

    I find your blog posts really interesting Elene. Gald you are feeling better than thanks for sharing.


  5. I do enjoy reading this post, and all the issues and connectivity it raises. I like the story of the boy whose demon turned out to be his ally and guardian. It will perhaps take some time for him to get used to this idea, which is shamanic (his background). Sometimes, the demonic forms in our energy field might personify a fear of the unknown which, when observed and communicated with, turn out to be Guardians – their fearsomeness is our projection. Confronting the subconscious!

    I like your suggestion that being playful and imaginative with them, helps. The ones which don’t move, which are heavy and sticky, are the ones we get heavy and serious and worried with: this feeds them, and then we have to work out how to handle our necessary resisting. Sometimes resistance increases their strength, and sometimes resistance – a Big Push – is absolutely necessary, like you did. Navigation isn’t easy! But in Frydryk and Sophia you have friends in high places, with good lamps.

    I believe demons and certain entities thrive on tension. Helping a client to relax can decode or dismantle them. It is just the same as when I build up a panic or a worry. It blots out the light, and turns out to be imaginary. There are subjective entities and objective entities, and a healer’s job is to intuit which is which.

    I had a demon dream last week – very unusual. It left me with an old concern lest I let loose something malignant from its sleep, which could pester others. So I keep an eye on it? If I look or think about it, it doesn’t seem to move at all, and has no power. But my energy level lightened up a lot, in the past few days: a subtle clarity and well being, in my back.


  6. PS – I read your post A Case of Possession, with great interest. You didn’t fail as a healer – because in the end, you healed – you neutralized it in yourself, you cast it out. It was an initiation. What you were up against was something way beyond the usual ball game, and no one could “help”. Jeanne could not assist her own healing, because the thing had all her vitality. Somewhere perhaps, she had asked it to be her good. It is best regarded compassionately, as a massive Karmic burn-off, from which let’s hope and pray, the death of her physical vehicle released her, and dissolved it. Sometimes there is no choice, but to respect the responsibility of a soul to do just that. No one can do it for her.

    Letting Jesus in – whether or not with relationship – is right, because he is the Healer Archetype, and his name Yeshua means “Jah Liberates”. It lets in the light, in principle, which shrivels and shrives the reptile. I’m glad you reminded me of this. Everything returns ultimately to God. What is not God is invented, and has a relatively short fall-out.

    When I was in a worrying time, it helped me to say “may God be risen and his foes vanish, As wax melts before fire, As smoke is dispersed by the wind! So may all who hate the Lord, flee from his sight, And the just rejoice.” (I felt weak, but I had to trust. In the end, things worked out.)

    This is from one of the Psalms of David, and was used in the early Christian era to resist evil forces which attack spiritual aspirants. I think these forces are “discarnate shreds” which have not yet met their second death.

    The demon in your case, had been the time and exposure you gave, in trying to heal Jeanne – the attention on her – for it to get into you – the ‘holes’. They feed on their own thought form. They are attracted to spiritual progress, because there is a strength in that, which they could use. I guess that with increasing experience, you learned to detect the smell at an early stage – instinctively – and it simply would not come near you again. Fortunately, the psychic self defence – the “antakharana” – is usually strong, and it is not that easy to become possessed. It is a two way traffic – two to tango in the unconscious – and it takes much concentration, just as it takes much concentration for us to grow and deal with our stuff.

    The more self-knowledge we have – the SCIENCE, which is conscience/with knowledge – the better!

    I feel very much for you, that you went through this. It is a long time ago, and I am sure it has made you an accurate and questioning healer.


  7. Hello Elene,
    I nominate you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. There is so much of deep interest and variety in your posts … which has given me much food for thought. If you would like to accept the Award, the instructions are in my last post, and in the link there also to Apothecary’s Garden. All my very best to you – Jane


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