Spirits R Us

This blog is mostly devoted to matters of spirituality and psychic studies, but who knows what else I’ll yap about on any given day.

My main point is to give people– you, that is– permission to talk about things they don’t usually talk about because they’re afraid everyone will think they’re crazy.  You’re not crazy.  Trust me.  Well, not crazy because of that, anyway.

It’s been said, “You’re not a human being having a spiritual experience; you’re a spiritual being having a human experience.”

How to find specific posts:

WordPress doesn’t make it easy; I can see an entire list of my posts, but I haven’t found a way for you to see it.  You can try searching by category, or use the “search” button and enter a keyword, such as “Chopin” or “spirit contacts.”  I’m sorry I can’t put a whole table of contents in front of you.  I’m still hoping to find a way to make it easier for you see what’s here.

And thank you so much for looking.  You can also find me at the site for my practice, Kuan Yin Acupuncture, http://elenelistens.com.


2 responses to “Spirits R Us

  1. Elene, you can make an Archive of All Posts and put it in your title bar. Go to WordPress support for how to do this; it is easy and quick, you only have to type the code letters in the Editor to set it up. Each new post is automatically added to it.

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