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Developing Discernment

Originally posted April 7, 2009 at Gaia.com

I’ve decided to join the blogging universe at last, and I hope my comments will be of use to you.  For the last few years I’ve been writing about contacts with the spirit world, with a special interest in those reported by ordinary people, people who are not recognized as psychics or mediums.  My patients and friends have often told me about such happenings in their lives, and almost every time, the stories have begun with, “I’ve never told anyone about this because they’d think I was crazy.”  So I’ve wanted to create a safe space for sharing these stories, a place where no one has to be afraid of being called delusional.  I’ve been working on a book for that purpose, and I’ve published a few articles.  Now I’d like to put some of the material out in this convenient, bite-sized format.

Recently a friend told me that she thought my main spirit contact was causing me serious problems and that in fact he was harming everyone around me.  She has no trouble believing that he exists- what she doubts is that he is who he says he is.  She thinks he’s an earthbound, low-life kind of guy who is only hanging around the Earth plane to suck energy from the living.  I know that’s not true- everybody who’s met him knows it- but there’s no way of proving it, at least not as far as I can tell.  However, I can compare my experiences with him to the obviously negative experiences I’ve had with harmful entities in the past, some of which I plan to recount later in these pages.

I would like to think that I have some level of ability to discern whether an influence is good or bad for me, but it’s hard to come up with definite rules for deciding.  If I had to teach someone how to stay out of trouble, I’m not sure I could; what I’ve been taught, and have taught my students as a Reiki master, seems inadequate.  It’s not necessarily true that, for example, visualizing white light surrounding you, or calling upon Archangel Michael, is going to keep you safe.  How do we develop real, reliable discernment?

Although I am still working on this question, there is one thing I can say with conviction.  The beings that are working for our good help us to expand, to grow into our larger selves; they ask us to make our own decisions and to take responsibility for ourselves.  The ones that are causing trouble try to keep us small, limited, and fearful, so that they can control us.  The last thing they’d want is for us to live our own lives on our own terms.  This is true for the regular, Earth-based people we meet in our daily lives as much as it is for nonphysical entities.  I’d say that if anyone wants to control you, embodied or not, get out of there as fast as you can!


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