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Orion’s Net

Originally posted November 22, 2009 at Gaia.com

I mentioned last time that I was somewhat acquainted with Betsy Morgan Coffman’s guide, Orion. Here’s part of what I was talking about:

At a session last March, Mendy and I were talking about large entities that appear to be composed of multiple beings, such as the “Michael” of Messages from Michael.  Orion’s name came up, and I commented that I still didn’t have much understanding of what Orion “really” is.  As I said that, I felt a sudden resonance, and I thought that if I took a look I would get some worthwhile insight.

So I held the intention of looking at Orion, and I began to have quite a vivid vision.  First, against an image of space with stars, there was a huge burst of white light coming through what looked like a wormhole in a science-fiction movie.  I could see a round tunnel behind it, and on the other side, an equally huge, bright mass of light.  This seemed to describe where Orion was coming from.

Then I felt myself flying or being pulled through the hole, and found myself on the other side, in the other universe.  I had only had the intention of looking at all this, but suddenly it was like actually being there, though I was still quite aware of the usual room around me.  I could feel tingling, like little sparks, and warmth all over my body.  As I more or less adjusted to my surroundings, I began to see the sparks as small, twinkling points of light all around me.  Somehow the points of light seemed excited and happy, as if they were glad I was there.  It felt like the entire space was filled with love and joy—and fun, a sense of lightness, as if I had walked into some wonderful celebration.  Mendy was observing all this, and she could see the same little lights and feel the sensation of love.  There was absolutely no seriousness or gravity about any of this.

I asked the sparkles, which seemed to be conscious beings, what they wanted to tell me.  I never received much in the way of imagery, and there were no words, but I felt pressure on my third eye.  I got to wondering just what sort of beings the sparkles were, and it occurred to me to ask how they would perceive themselves from the perspective of their own lives in their own universe.  In response, I was shown an image of myself, which I took as meaning that their nature was similar to my own.  Mendy’s impression was that they were indeed similar to us, but further along in their evolution.  I don’t know.  I can only say that they were an awful lot of fun and I liked them a lot.

And then I was back in the room and in my normal consciousness.

This was an unusual experience for me, though a couple of other times I’ve received information in the form of a journey like this, which pulled me along on its own terms and with its own apparent agenda until it had told me whatever I was supposed to be told.  It was also quite different from my previous impressions of Orion, except for the mass of white light.  I’m feeling inspired, but puzzled.

The sparkles were somewhat like swarms of tiny lights I had perceived before, which Mendy had identified as fairies, but they seemed far more powerful, and they seemed to exist in a matrix or continuum that was filled in every direction with conscious points of light.  Mendy has experienced visions of the universe that were very much like that, with all of us, all beings, represented as points of light filling space everywhere.  Perhaps I simply wandered into Mendy’s field of perceptions, so to speak.  I found myself thinking of Indra’s Net, the Buddhist concept of an infinite network of jewels, each reflecting all the others.

I mentioned this experience to a few other people and got some interesting responses.  My friend Patrice, a talented channeler in her own right, wrote, “Oh, i e-mailed your story to my friend Daywah and she had the same experience about 3 weeks ago.”  And Hania [see earlier posts] had this to say:  “I recall that some years ago when I used to meditate several hours a day, I had these intelligent living sparkles (like little fire sparks but I felt their intelligence) always in my room.  Later on, when I meditated very infrequently but held on to my path, they still lingered around my new bedroom.  In both situations, when I had guests, they, too, could see these living sparkles.  I have always felt their good will and great aliveness, although I never knew what/who they were.  Now I see them very very seldom.  Were they beings from another universe?  I don’t know.”


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