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She Just Knew

Originally posted on May 30, 2009 at Gaia.com

My last post, on the ghost with the stove obsession, brought comments like, “That kind of thing has happened to me all my life.”  Thanks for your feedback!  Here’s a rather more inspiring ghost story, written 11/1/07, on Dia de los Muertos.  I wanted to share it with you all:
“Alice Pinkston died last week at the age of 90.  Her family has run a store in Milan, New Mexico for something on the order of 50 years.  Her passing has left a hole in the community.  Alice’s son, Howard, has told well-wishers, of which there are many, that he knows for sure his mother is in a better place.  Here’s why.

Many years ago, Alice’s daughter, Sherry, died of leukemia.  She was only four years old.  Her death came just a couple of weeks after the diagnosis, and Alice was sent into such a state of shock that for two months she was completely unable to function.  She did not speak.  She ate, but she had to be led to the table, and her family had to put the utensils in her hands.  She seemed barely alive herself.

Then, suddenly, Alice came back to her life.  One day she emerged from her room smiling, radiant, completely herself again.  She explained that Sherry had come to her and told her that she was fine and that she didn’t want her to be sad anymore.  Sherry had said that she was in a beautiful place– and then she had taken her mother there to visit.  There were no words to describe it, Alice told the family.

So for the rest of her life Alice just knew, and so does her son.”

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