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Interview with Betsy Morgan Coffman, Part I

Originally posted November 21, 2009 at Gaia.com

Ages ago, it seems now, May 29, 2007, I interviewed Betsy Morgan Coffman, who is a master channeler and has found a way to teach this art to others.  Betsy is a very popular teacher, and I’ve taken some of her workshops myself.  After observing her in action for a while, I was curious about her subjective experience of her work.

Betsy’s main guide, with whom I am slightly acquainted, is an entity who calls himself Orion.  That is, the personality that comes through appears as masculine, but it would be inaccurate to think of Orion as male, or even to think of him as a single entity, as you will see below.  Nearly two years after this interview, during one of my study sessions with Mendy Lou Blackburn, I received a dramatic vision of myriad points of life, spread across space, each of them a conscious being– rather as if I had discovered a universe of Tinkerbells!  At the time, I didn’t remember that Betsy had described Orion as “so many points of consciousness, of light.”  Mendy saw the lights too, and since then I’ve spoken with another person who’s seen the same thing.  My vision was tremendous fun, and the beings seemed wonderfully loving and positive, but as with so many beings I’ve perceived, I can’t pretend to understand what the points of light “really” were, or what’s really going on with “star beings.”  I can say, however, that the Orion personality has a fine sense of humor, and that’s always a strong recommendation as far as I’m concerned.

What follows is the first part of the interview.

Elene:  It seems like most of your students are relatively old, in their 40s at least, usually 50s or 60s.  Have you kept track of their ages?  Do you think that, generally, people have to be at a certain level of maturity before they can start developing their spiritual gifts?

Betsy:  I find that when people are emotionally and spiritually ready, then they will call me.  They have a kind of authentic curiosity that invites them to know more, to go further into self-discovery, and this is a wonderful opportunity to discover the self at very deep levels.  The self as spirit, as love.  What I have noticed is that people who have a certain level of spiritual awareness are attracted to this work no matter what their age.  Yes, they need to be at a certain level of maturity, at all levels, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, or else they won’t be able to integrate the information as it moves into them.  Some people will have levels of fear, which is simply resistance to accepting truth.  Truth is very frightening to the ego, and when the ego is the predominant factor in the personality, the person simply will not be attracted to this.

E:  Is Orion singular or plural?  I notice that you seem to speak of him both ways.

B:  Yeah, I know, I do that, I recognize it, and I think, “Gee, that could be confusing.”  It’s a difficult question because it cannot be answered in English words.  Orion predominantly is a huge, singular energy field to us, yet as I investigate it by looking at him, the term you might call psychically or energetically, what I see is that there are so many points of consciousness, of light, that pool into him, that to us at our limited linear level, we would not be able to equate ourselves to him as a singular energy, he’s so huge.

Mostly I see him as singular, unless I investigate further.

E:  Did Orion have anything to say about why he wants to do this work?

B:  He wants to help our world become enlightened.  And so it would lead me to say, then, to him, “Well, what does that mean to you, Orion?”  And he says, “To live in love.”  Right now we’re living in percentages of love and fear.  We have misperceptions about who we are, and those misperceptions color our responses to the world, and cause a lot of anger and misunderstanding and even wars, and when we are enlightened or living from love we’ll have a peaceful planet.

E:  I remember that you had asked “why me?” and you were told, “Because you were willing.”

B:  Yes, because I was willing.  I see, as I’m looking at it now, I can see that I also had association with him at some level of awareness.  We were comrades, friends, confidants, companions, and this is an ongoing reunion for us.  It’s kind of a celebration of the unity and the ongoing nature of life.  Life wants to take form; life wants to express itself.  Life wants to contribute, and this is an example of life doing that at a very large level.  He kind of births himself into individuals as they ask it.  So I asked him, “What do you mean ‘birth yourself?’” and he said, “It’s an idea whose time has come.”  And this idea is that it’s possible for love and peace to actually coexist harmoniously on this planet, or for people to coexist with love and peace in harmony on this planet.

E:  How did you get started?

B:  I’ve always been interested in the paranormal.  I’ve always wanted to be someone who was actively expressing some skill, praying for it, hoping for it, reading about it.  And then, out of the blue—I was 42—out of the blue, doing Reiki, a voice started talking to me in my head, telling me that now we were to begin our real work, and that I was to bring Orion through my voice in an art form called channeling.  And of course I had heard of channeling, but I had never done it.  So I was quite surprised, and I said, “What are you talking about?”  I said, “Who are you and what are you doing in my head?” And he introduced himself and said, “My name is Orion.”  And I said, “Orin?”  He said, “No, Orion.”  I said, “Like the stars?”  He said, “Yes, like the stars.”  I said, “What are you doing in my head?  Don’t you need permission?”  He goes, “Oh, I have permission!  I got it a long time ago at your planning table.  Now it’s time, like an alarm clock going off.  It’s time for us to begin our work.”

And I said, “But I don’t know how to channel.”  And I think this part is the key:  He said, “You don’t have to do anything but show up, and I’ll do the rest.”  And that is exactly how he teaches the classes.  When people are willing, and show up, he does the rest.  That’s the completion of his invitation, or his promise.  That’s the gift he brings to the world, to lift a person’s frequency, and that is the beginning of enlightenment.  Now, enlightenment may take place over years, or an instant.  It’s an individual experience, and it really depends on that person’s particular soul path.  But this is like salt and pepper in a person’s life; it enhances the quality of one’s life, and can assist in that opening process being quicker and very often much more gentle, even though the physical body may experience signs of duress, such as headaches.

E:  There are other types of work I’ve been exposed to that didn’t seem to have quite the level of arduousness that comes along with this, and I was wondering if there are ways to make it less difficult.

B:  If you want to not go so fast, you can ask them to slow down.  However, Orion’s energy… and I have been maybe too humble as I unknowingly, unwittingly associated this work with myself, with the personality called Betsy.  So I downplayed its effectiveness because—it even makes me cry—I don’t want to be IT, I don’t want people to associate me with IT, with their enlightenment.  But in the past few days, actually, and this energy is perfectly timed, I have seen the power, and I’ve seen it grow, and it’s been huge.  Before my last class I was so dizzy I nearly passed out.  And people were getting nauseated in their stomachs.  The energy is increasing, it’s not slowing down!  And Orion will keep encouraging us to please do the ascension every day so that our physical bodies can get used to this energy.  People will get on my website and they’ll read it, and then they’ll get a rush, and start getting the swirling and the lifting and the stomachaches and the headaches because Orion is here now, and it’s time for human beings to really start recognizing that we’re in the 11th hour, and there are beings of light in the stars who will help us when we ask for help.  It’s almost like a rescue mission.  It’s time to help the planet Earth, for we are on self-destruct.

So it’s coming, and the Course in Miracles says, “The correction of the planet cannot happen at the level of the problem.”  It has to happen at the level of an invisible spiritual force.  So, those of us who are aware enough and disciplined enough and willing enough to give part of our day to ascension, meditation, prayer, channeling, actually bring in a kind of light that stabilizes the franticness of our planet.  Our planet is in chaos, and there’s great fear.  If we will go into our center and find the calm and the peace that passes all understanding, we tether the chaotic nature of man, and help to bring a spiritual balance back to earth.  We are joined by forces of good from the stars who are here to help us save our planet, and at the same time we’re saving ourselves.  We’re saving ourselves from errors in thinking and from identification with the physical world as source, or cause, or valuable.  We begin to realize that everything that is really valuable is intrinsic and invisible to the eye, like in The Little Prince, or The Velveteen Rabbit, some of those wonderful children’s books that say that what is of real value, you don’t see it at all.  And that is what happens in the channeling classes; it’s an experience of what’s really valuable, and that’s the opening heart.

But even though taking a channeling class can open your higher chakras, so that you can see, hear, feel and know into the higher realms, you develop your psychic ability to have a perception of reality from higher dimensions or higher vibratory levels, that is not, to me, nor to Orion, the most beautiful part of channeling.  What we’re talking about is opening the crown chakra and connecting with the kingdom of heaven, and experiencing spiritual unity with higher awareness and then with every single human being on the planet, and birthing compassion.

E:  What is really meant by “star beings”?

B:  According to my experience, and my experience is really limited to my conversations with Orion— I try not to overindulge in books because, as you’ve probably noticed, everybody has an opinion, everybody has an experience, and there are so many different answers out there.  So Orion simply says that most of the planet is star-seeded, that most of us have come from stars.  We’ve come from lots of different stars, lots, and so there are different breeds, you might say, or brands of us.  We carry, then, different vibrations, different skills, different interests, and different influences for our planet.  But we all come with purpose in assisting this planet and helping it to be—they’re giving me this right now—a tropical forest of love, green, lush, loving.  And there’s about twenty percent that are not star-seeded, and they are causing a whole lot of problems.  They’re very power-hungry.  There are lizard people, as they say, on this planet, and these people, or these energies who appear as people, will either leave because it’ll get too bright, too much light, or they will just die.  I’m asking what that means, and they’re showing me that these beings may just go back into the nothingness and they may not appear again.

I find that a curiosity.  Sometimes the answers are beyond my grasp, every now and then, and I ask why, and they say, “Because you are not at a level of acceptance of what we have to tell you yet, and because your vocabulary doesn’t have words to ascribe to a reality that we understand, and that you don’t even have a cognition of or can imagine.”  So we get as much as we can get, and the information first hits us as light.  And that’s one reason we increase our frequency; as we increase our frequency we are more capable of accepting more of a bigger reality construct.

Right now we live in a matrix of fear, you might say; the world consciousness of our planet, the mass consciousness has so much fear, and the world needs a huge cleansing.  It requires souls who have an incredible amount of willingness and resilience.  It is tiring to get beaten up in the world and then to say, “I still have faith in something good and better than this,” and to pick yourself up and smile and insist that the intrinsic nature of man is good rather than evil, and keep on keeping on with love.  And so we have bonded together from the level of our hearts even though no words are spoken, and different human beings, who were originally from different planets, have stepped forward to lead their own.  Oprah leads a certain venue of people,  Princess Diana led some, Mother Theresa led some, so did Papaji and Martin Luther King.  So when someone such as that makes their self known, and then they go out, it wakes people up.  It’s not a bad death; it’s not an accidental death.  It shocks someone into waking up when something like that happens, and causes us to want to be all that we can be.

E:  Now, are we saying that star beings are living on physical planets as physical beings?

B:  Yes, at higher dimensions.  Some are at this dimension, but the ones that are coming to aid us are at a higher frequency.

E:  Is Orion, singular or as a group, in any way tied to a physical existence?

B:  No.  He’s light, a huge light.  And he does come through the middle star of the belt of Orion.  My beginning began with the Pleiades, and as I asked why, they said that that’s one of my main places that I am from, and I had to reconnect with that frequency, up my frequency, and clear out before I could then engage at a higher level with Orion.

E:  I think that leads kind of naturally to the question, “What are angels?”

B:  Well, angels are, of course, absolutely wonderful!  They are created by God, they are messengers of love, and they almost touch us physically.  When we talk about spirit guides, they come from all over, all these different dimensions.  Angels are just a little bit higher than us.  They are sent to us by God, or consciousness itself, to comfort us, protect us, help us to heal, to encourage us.  So every single human being has guardian angels, at least one. Everyone has at least one, and some have more.  I see that the more a human being is doing to contribute or serve on the planet in the name of love, the more angels they seem to gather.

Some people are connected to archangels, and archangels are at a frequency higher.  It’s like, here we are, and angels are above us, and then the archangels.  Now, in the Bible, weren’t there seven or nine levels of angels?  Different people have different ideas.  So there’s the cherubim and the seraphim and then there’s archangels and angels.  But Archangel Michael, who is probably the most well-known angel, is in the Bible.  His name is mentioned four times in the Bible.  He is called the Prince of Angels, and he is a wonderful defender and protector and warrior.  So when you call upon Archangel Michael, you have this huge wonderful angel, who has not incarnated as a human being ever.  And I see him—I’ve seen him on occasion—he’s seven to nine feet tall, and he’s blue, and he’s huge.  My experience is that if he shows up where I am, I’m thinking that he must be able to show up where other people are too.  I’ve seen him when I was working with psychic surgeons in Brazil.

And my sister saw him—he saved her life when she was about to step in a pool of water.  He saved her from electrocution.  She was stepping into a laundry room, and didn’t know water was on the floor and that there was a loose wire.  And all of a sudden he appeared and he raised his arms, and then his robe draped, and across it in red letters it said “electrocution.”  And she stopped and called the fire department.  She said, “You won’t believe what just happened,” and they said, “Look, lady, we’ll believe anything.  We don’t know what you saw, but if you had set one foot in this room you’d be dead.  Your husband would have come home to find you floating in a pool of water.”

E:  An incredibly specific vision!

B:  Mm-hmm.  Jesus said that it’s time, he’s coming back, he’s going to show us miracles.  The world needs to see miracles.  The earth is at a crossroads, and miracles need to be seen in the physical in order to inspire people to take up a spiritual sword and move forward to take back ownership of our planet.

E:  This seems like a good time to talk about protection, since Michael is such a master at that.

B:  Each archangel has a different purpose, but of course they’re all here for love.  They’re all messengers, some more geared for healing.

One huge energy that some people see as an archangel, but I see it as much, much bigger than that, is Metatron.  Metatron is huge.  He governs part of the heavens, as far as I see it.  So even though Michael is the Prince of the Angels, Metatron is either side by side with him like brothers, or bigger.  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Metatron.

E:  I have, but I don’t know anything about him.

B:  He comes in occasionally as a huge energy, more robust, stern.

E:  More robust??

B:  More demanding, more serious.  Where Michael comes in with this gentle—but serious— love, very gentle and compassionate, Metatron is almost a warrior, with energy like you would imagine around Thor, you know, the god of war.

I describe a lot of things with energy; it’s like the work I do is energy Braille, and even now as you and I are talking in casual conversation, in order to get the truth, I notice I access my higher self, which automatically accesses my guides and Orion.  They all just click-click-click-click in, and I get dizzy.  I don’t know if you’ll get dizzy, but it seems like it’s almost contagious.  One of us goes up, and we all go up.

E:  I’m feeling that now, but I have to stay here in order to do this interview, so I can’t go along.

B:  Yes!  Sometimes I have to tell myself, “Betsy, get in your body, get back in your body.”


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